16 Packages by kapetan

  • api-doc Create documentation for the API of an express app
  • ejs-stream Through stream for rendering objects with ejs templates
  • email-address Various helper functions and regexes for handling email addresses
  • email-blacklist List of commonly misspelled email domains
  • groom JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(myObject)) and remove all nulls and empty strings
  • mongopatch MongoDB patching tool
  • multifetch Express middleware for performing internal batch requests
  • npm-install-cache Install node_modules from cache
  • reddit-thread-stream Writable stream for updating reddit self threads
  • redditor Minimal reddit API wrapper
  • response.require Rex Javascript compiling for root
  • root.redirects Redirection for root
  • syntactical Browserify transform that emits a descriptive syntax error on invalid javascript
  • tcmerge Command line tool, making it easier for developers to merge to master, when using the e-conmic/teamcity-merge script
  • text-height Measure the text height in browsers
  • text-width Measure the text width in browsers