13 Packages by jviotti

  • airplane Manage offline copies of your favourite websites for when you are on an airplane!
  • audio-correction Audio stream correction utilities
  • capitano Powerful, non opitionated command line parser for serious applications
  • conf.js Support per-user and per-project configuration files out of the box
  • diskio Raw disk I/O that works in all major operating systems
  • diskpart Run Windows diskpart scripts in NodeJS
  • drivelist List all connected drives in your computer, in all major operating systems
  • express-highway Powered Express router with namespaces, resources and better middleware support.
  • gitwrap Simple Git wrapper that doesn't get in the way
  • http-response Easily get information about HTTP codes
  • node-binary Download node binaries for various platforms and architectures, easily
  • node-require-dir Powered require directory module, allowing recurse and filtering
  • nplugm NPM based plugin framework for NodeJS