Junior Garcia
  • React component for Iconly icons

    published 2.2.10 8 months ago
  • 🚀 Beautiful and modern React UI library.

    published 2.2.9 24 days ago
  • A library that generates random PIN codes

    published 0.0.7 a year ago
  • 🦄 Tailwindcss first-class variant API

    published 0.1.18 a month ago
  • Buttons allow users to perform actions and choose with a single tap.

    published 2.0.26 24 days ago
  • Code is a component used to display inline code.

    published 2.0.24 24 days ago
  • The Avatar component is used to represent a user, and displays the profile picture, initials or fallback icon.

    published 2.0.24 a month ago
  • A ripple effect for ensuring that the user fells the system is reacting instantaneously

    published 0.0.0-dev-v2-20230326012034 8 months ago
  • Card is a container for text, photos, and actions in the context of a single subject.

    published 2.0.24 a month ago
  • Checkboxes allow users to select multiple items from a list of individual items, or to mark one individual item as selected.

    published 2.0.25 a month ago
  • Badges are used as a small numerical value or status descriptor for UI elements.

    published 2.0.24 24 days ago
  • Collapse display a list of high-level options that can expand/collapse to reveal more information.

    published 2.0.28 24 days ago
  • Links allow users to click their way from page to page. This component is styled to resemble a hyperlink and semantically renders an <a>

    published 2.0.26 a month ago
  • Chips help people enter information, make selections, filter content, or trigger actions.

    published 2.0.25 a month ago
  • Radios allow users to select a single option from a list of mutually exclusive options.

    published 2.0.25 a month ago
  • The Pagination component allows you to display active page and navigate between multiple pages.

    published 2.0.26 a month ago
  • Display a snippet of copyable code for the command line.

    published 2.0.30 24 days ago
  • Loaders express an unspecified wait time or display the length of a process.

    published 2.0.24 24 days ago
  • A switch is similar to a checkbox, but represents on/off values as opposed to selection.

    published 2.0.25 24 days ago
  • A React Component for rendering dynamically positioned Tooltips

    published 2.0.29 24 days ago
  • Flexible User Profile Component.

    published 2.0.25 a month ago
  • NextUI system primitives

    published 2.0.15 24 days ago
  • The default theme for NextUI components

    published 2.1.17 24 days ago
  • Wrapper around navigator.clipboard with feedback timeout

    published 2.0.4 a month ago
  • React hook for progressing image loading

    published 2.0.4 a month ago
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