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    Julian Cataldo

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    • Progressively enhanced. This component globally override regular `title` attributes on all links with Tippy.js tooltips.

      published 0.10.15 16 days ago
    • This component capture mouse hovering on links with internal URLs. Then, it will prefetch the HTML document beforehand.

      published 0.12.2 16 days ago
    • This component relies on the good old browser router, still, it will give to your website an SPA feel, without all the JS overhead.

      published 0.11.3 16 days ago
    • Bare minimum SEO meta tags to make most social networks and Google engine happy.

      published 0.13.1 16 days ago
    • Viewport scroll position and direction watcher. Binds states data attributes to `HTML` for further JS/CSS usage. Scroll event is throttled for performance economy.

      published 0.10.18 10 days ago
    • Provide sensible defaults for HTML base document. The goal is to reduce boilerplate when using multiple layouts in Astro projects.

      published 0.13.4 16 days ago
    • Common CSS resets in a configurable Astro component. Only needed CSS is injected into critical path.

      published 0.12.2 16 days ago
    • Here lies some re-usable tooling settings. Languages: JS, TS, Astro, Vue, JSX, TSX, SCSS, CSS. Tools: Prettier, ESlint, Stylelint, Editorconfig, TypeScript, Commitlint, VS Code.

      published 0.12.3 10 days ago
    • Provides Google Analytics 4 snippet injection.

      published 0.11.4 10 days ago
    • Embed an interactive map in your webpage. Using Leaflet.js under the hood.

      published 0.11.4 16 days ago
    • Simple lightbox component.

      published 0.10.5 23 days ago
    • Supercharge your links. This component detects external / anchor / same domain / mail / telephone `href`, and apply optimizations accordingly.

      published 0.12.4 10 days ago
    • Give credits to the awesome JS open-source community with this component. It will generate a table with important informations about packages used by your project.

      published 0.14.0 10 days ago
    • Provides system or user-defined color scheme preference, with a toggle mechanism. Settings are persisted, component is progressively enhanced and flash of unstyled content avoided. Also, it will provide an easier way to target theme with CSS / SCSS / JS.

      published 0.11.4 10 days ago
    • Provides cross languages breakpoints handlers for your app. SCSS mixin, JS hook and a DOM data attribute, all share the same responsive scale you choose to feed in.

      published 0.10.5 16 days ago
    • Embed you Mermaid diagrams in no time inside your Astro templates. Features server-side rendering and smart caching.

      published 0.11.2 10 days ago
    • Validate Markdown frontmatter YAML against an associated JSON schema — remark-lint rule plugin

      published 3.4.0 5 days ago
    • A text based, structured content framework, for edition and consumption.

      published 0.0.1-alpha.11 3 days ago