17 Packages by jpike

  • cc.ake Utility functions for Cakefiles.
  • cc.extend A javascript class creation and inheritance system.
  • cc.gamer An HTML5 game engine. WebGL and canvas backends.
  • cc.loader A javascript module loading/creation system for the web including support for baking.
  • chai-date-proximity Date comparison assertions for the Chai assertion library
  • chamomile Javascript but slightly less annoying
  • esprima-six-jpike ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis
  • esprima-the-party Version of esprima used by the-party
  • mrscraper Scrape seetickets comedy events
  • plumber-ember-templa... Ember template compiler operation for Plumber pipelines
  • sigh A web asset-pipeline combining the best features of existing state of the art.
  • sigh-cli Client for sigh asset pipelines
  • sigh-ember-templates Ember template compiler for sigh asset pipeline
  • sigh-traceur Traceur compiler for the sigh asset pipeline
  • six-jpike JavaScript you can bet on.
  • the-party An ES6 -> ES5 transpiler with support for source maps.
  • trek.js A parser and AST builder based on the TPEG variant of PEGs.