18 Packages by joshski

  • anticipate retries asynchronous functions until they succeed
  • bo-selector CSS selector parser based on jison
  • css-to-xpath Converts CSS selectors to xpaths
  • css-xpaths Converts CSS selectors to xpaths
  • dslify Rewrites functions or modules in terms of a DSL
  • fs-tree Builds hierarchies of directories and files
  • html-xpaths DSL to generate XPaths for matching HTML elements
  • htmlism Template engine for pogoscript
  • httpism HTTP client with middleware and good defaults
  • invertism A dependency inversion utility
  • pogoify browserify v2 plugin for PogoScript with support for mixed .js and .pogo files
  • quasi Tiny traversal and manipulation utility with jQuery-subset API
  • rest-browser browser client for rest APIs
  • routism A JavaScript router
  • spawn-cmd Wraps child_process.spawn with 'cmd /c <command>' when it's a windows machine
  • squashy Packs HTML, inlining javascripts and stylesheets
  • stitchy Command-line wrapper for stitch
  • xpath-builder DSL for building complex XPath expressions