Joshua Jung

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    • A project management set of tools designed around require.js that includes tools to analyze all your javascript files and perform refactoring on them.

      published 0.1.48 8 years ago
    • Commonly used functions and library utilities across my projects.

      published 0.0.10 8 years ago
    • Repository (GIT, SVN, etc.) live change and diff notification service

      published 0.0.3 8 years ago
    • Generates a regular expression for a given string and a provided complexity value (0-1).

      published 0.0.2 8 years ago
    • Yet another tree implementation in Javascript, specifically for Node.js.

      published 0.0.7 7 years ago
    • tree-structure adapter for CRUD operations for arbitrary tree data structures to mongodb.

      published 0.0.4 7 years ago
    • A data structure that combines a hash and an array for fast dictionary lookup and traversal by complex keys.

      published 1.1.2 2 days ago
    • A HashArray that automatically groups all added items. See the npm hasharray project.

      published 0.0.3 7 years ago
    • A flexible JClass based object that keeps track of progress based on arbitrary tasks. Returns 0.0-1.0 on how far completed they are.

      published 0.1.0 4 years ago
    • A trie implementation that maps keys to objects for rapid retrieval by phrases. Most common use will be for typeahead searches.

      published 1.3.6 2 days ago
    • A stupid-simple server that returns dummy data that is configured with a simple JSON specification.

      published 0.0.1 7 years ago
    • A stupid-simple dummy data generator that is configured with a simple JSON specification.

      published 0.0.8 7 years ago
    • An extension of Q that adds a forEach method that chains together a series of promise-returning function calls N number of times.

      published 0.0.3 7 years ago
    • The simplest client-only implementation of a dead reckoning algorithm that synchronizes your real-time game client's world state to the server to hide latency.

      published 0.1.3 7 years ago
    • Replaces spots in a string with their values in an object. Super simple templating engine.

      published 0.0.3 a year ago
    • Node.js implementation of the MFCC audio speech analysis algorithm.

      published 0.0.2 7 years ago
    • npm utility that provides historical information about packages and shrinkwrapped package files. Useful for recovery of builds that were unintentionally broken by someone else's update.

      published 0.0.2 6 years ago
    • Ringa is an ES6 MVC-inspired library designed to manage your asynchronous code and state as your project scales.

      published 0.4.6 3 years ago
    • Ringa plugin for React

      published 0.3.1 4 years ago
    • RingaJS Core data models and utilities

      published 0.0.8 4 years ago
    • RingaJS DataGrid Component

      published 0.0.2 4 years ago
    • RingaJS React Visual Framework

      published 0.6.6 3 years ago
    • Recursively traverse an object tree and callback a function for each property found.

      published 0.0.1 3 years ago