15 Packages by josepedrodias

  • anorak offline-first KISS web server
  • avconv-utils utility functions to perform operations on videos using avconv
  • dumbdb an in-memory key-value store. stores revisions. kiss approach.
  • dumbdb_srv ain't couchdb. dumbdb_srv ain't couchdb either, but attempts a close-enough HTTP interface.
  • evenlevel easy API for leveldb on both nodejs and browser
  • freeforall remote key value store without auth
  • hot-repl inspect state, replace functions, kill app, all at the distance of a TCP connection
  • inkdoc KISS JavaScript documentation generator engine
  • kissl kiss HTTPS server. serves static files
  • level1 level1 is a JavaScript API over leveldb. besides the core abstraction, exposes a command line interface and an HTTP one too.
  • oxy HTTP proxy to aid in web dev
  • retinify computes different CSS background-position rules parameterized by a multiplier argument
  • simple-tts simple TTS API via espeak
  • web-pilot some glue to make test automation better
  • webjspell_http webscraps the awesome webjspell service from

1 Package starred by josepedrodias

  • level-js leveldown/leveldb library for browsers using IndexedDB