18 Packages by johnnyman727

  • ambient-attx4 Library to run the Ambient Module for Tessel. Detects ambient light and sound levels
  • audio-vs1053b Library to run the Tessel Audio Module. Plays and records sound.
  • bglib Create and parse packets for the BlueGiga BLE112 and BLE113
  • ble-ad-parser Parse Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral advertising packets
  • ble-ble113 Library to run the Bluetooth BLE113 Tessel Module.
  • ble-ble113a Library to run the Bluetooth BLE113 Tessel Module.
  • camera-vc0706 Library to run the camera-vc0706 Tessel module
  • hardware Wait for it...
  • ir-attx4 The library for sending and receiving IR data from a Tessel IR Module
  • ir-codes Generate manufacturer specific IR signal durations to use with Tessel's IR module
  • lifegraph Integrate with the Lifegraph physical development platform.
  • neopixels Library to run a strand of neopixels from Tessel
  • proximity-hcsr04 A library to read the distance, in cm, from an hc-sr04 proximity sensor using Tessel
  • sync-queue Simple queue for completing tasks in series
  • tessel Tessel command line tools and programmatic access library.
  • tessel-webserver-dem... Loading files from a Tessel web server over HTTP and websockets
  • ttt tiny tap test thing for Tessel temporarily
  • vclib Library for parsing and creating packets for the vc0706 camera