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  • ajt minimal ajax json template lib
  • answer-question-mapp... A simple question and answer mapper
  • autopkginit Tiny helper to speed up common npm script utils for task automation.
  • beacontriangulation Triangulation Algorithm for three given points plus radii
  • childpiper pipe from one child_process to another, starting and ending with normal streams
  • echojson Echo back json from URL
  • gettheshitdone A simple website creating tool, package, framework whatever.
  • go-mon Simple monitor script for use during development of a golang app.
  • js-array-iterator Simple JavaScript Array Iterator, using next() and Events.
  • json-combinator Combine JSON files (or simple) JavaScript Objects.
  • node-dxf Parse DXF files to get polygons and text elements.
  • node-dxf-to-png Transform a DXF into a PNG
  • node-stl parse stl files with Node.js and get volume, and weight
  • readdirrsync Synchronous, recursive readdir. Returns an array of (full) filepaths.
  • streamstepper pipe multiple streams sequentially into one
  • zenstore A simple storage for you zen-timer to connect multiple devices.
  • zenstorecli A simple CLI to write and receive data to and from zenstore
  • zenstorejs Client API for zenstore

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