11 Packages by jmerrick

  • big-array When you need an array with a few trillion elements
  • config-extend Modified version of extend for config files
  • evil-dns Override the IP address returned for one or more domains.
  • express-cors-options Create a catch all for responding to CORS OPTIONS method requests
  • express-markdown Express middleware for rendering markdown files
  • express-method-overr... Override the method of a request based on a the X-HTTP-Method-Override header or custom query/post parameter.
  • express-powered-by Set the X-Powered-By header returned by Express
  • hooks-callback Fork of hooks adding support for callback functions and modification of the callback variables.
  • idle-hands Perform low priority processing when event loop is idle.
  • rambler Walk a website checking for bad links
  • spiderweb Crawl multiple domains using one or more entry URLs.