7 Packages by jiangc

  • icreate A command-line tool for creating all icons and launch-screen images of iOS App. by@大城小胖
  • jc-ip get localhost ip and copy it to clipboard
  • jiangc a test packge
  • mix-2md json 2 md
  • mix-join simple join js file together
  • mix-less simple less helper
  • mix-tmpl simple js template file join together(将模板文件(html片段)打包生成JS文件)

4 Packages starred by jiangc

  • connect High performance middleware framework
  • glsl-transition Make Transitions Effects with the power of WebGL Shaders (GLSL)
  • read-dir-files Recursively read files from a directory
  • svn-spawn SVN access based on svn cli command