Norwegian Polka Music


    João Pimentel Ferreira


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    • Automobile Costs Calculator

      published 6.3.50 a year ago
    • Building a text with paragraphs from a continuous uninterrupted text.

      published 1.0.15 3 years ago
    • The list of all the words in Portuguese, including all possible combinations and variations (masculine, feminine, plural, singular, verbal conjugations, etc.)

      published 1.0.21 2 months ago
    • Import files from npm packages into your cordova www directory automatically, upon cordova prepare or cordova build

      published 1.0.35 7 months ago
    • Meta Simple Portuguese Dictionary

      published 1.0.42 2 months ago
    • Remove outliers in maps or 2D cartesian coordinate systems

      published 2.2.6 4 months ago