16 Packages by jeresig

  • appcache-glob node-appcache =============
  • bulk-replace Bulk replace items in a string from an object.
  • enamdict Efficiently query ENAMDICT using Node.js.
  • hepburn Convert Japanese Hiragana and Katakana script to, and from, Romaji using Hepburn romanisation
  • i18n-2 lightweight simple translation module with dynamic json storage
  • matchengine Node module for using the TinEye MatchEngine API.
  • matchengine-tools Tools for interacting with TinEye's MatchEngine.
  • ndlna Resolve names through the National Diet Library's Name Authority.
  • node-matchengine Node module for using the TinEye MatchEngine API.
  • pulley Easy Github Pull Request Lander
  • romaji-name Normalize and fix common issues with Romaji-based Japanese names.
  • stack-scraper Stack Scraper. Easily download complex web sites.
  • stream-playground Explore Node.js streams with an interactive playground.
  • structured Simple interface for checking structure of JS code against a template, backed by Esprima.
  • ukiyoe-models Models
  • yearrange Parse year range strings and convert to usable dates.