Jeffrey Bosch

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  • A personal card for Jeffrey Bosch (@jefiozie)

    published 1.0.1 4 years ago
  • Deploy an Angular app to Amazon S3 directly from the Angular CLI

    published 5.1.0 3 months ago
  • <h1 align="center"> <a href="">Welcome to xLayers version-stamp</a> </h1>

    published 1.0.2 2 years ago
  • The `scully-plugin-meetup` is a `router` plugin for [Scully]( that fetches data from the Meetup Event API durigin route discovery. Scully uses the results of the Meetup Event API to render static files for each event.

    published 1.0.0 3 years ago
  • The `scully-plugin-time-to-read` is a `routeProcess` plugin for [Scully]( that processes a specific route and will add the 'readingTime' property to the `RouteData. This property reflects the time that people need to read the content.

    published 0.0.5 2 years ago
  • Model driven validation for Angular template forms

    published 1.2.0 5 months ago