13 Packages by jeffreysun

  • actionmessage The Javascript implementation of the Action Message protocol.
  • addon-js Hello world.
  • bby-server IPs
  • calculatorex The is a calculator module.
  • json-schema-js JSON Schema validation and specifications
  • mongostream MongoDB stream.
  • oauth-js Library for interacting with OAuth 1.0, 1.0A, 2 and Echo. Provides simplified client access and allows for construction of more complex apis and OAuth providers.
  • qrcode-js Generate qr code for string data
  • robot-js A simple C++ addon module
  • sendmail-js The author of this module is Gui Lin <guileen AT gmail DOT com>. I just fix some defects.
  • soap-js A minimal node SOAP client
  • um-js A central place to manage the user accounts.
  • webserver-js A simple web server