12 Packages by jan-swiecki

  • autowire Automagically autowire everything
  • easy-cli Easy Command Line Interface. In development.
  • ecoco Extended COco COmpiler
  • eoptimist Extended Optimist
  • execw Execute any program (e.g. lessc) with watching for file changes. Can recursively scan folders.
  • fs-dowatch fs.watch (fs-wwatch) that executes callback() at start i.e. fs.dowatch(path,callback) will launch callback, and fs.wwatch(path,callback).
  • fs-wwatch extends fs.watch functionality with small timeout, fixing multiple callback execution on some OS
  • hotload Hot load (hot require) for NodeJS. It's like JRebel but for NodeJS.
  • lesscw lessc with watching. Can recursively scan folders.
  • on-file-change fs.watch wrapper that among other things checks SHA1 of the file to prevent multiple callback calls.
  • simple-rest Super simple REST API framework
  • sockjs-eventbus SockJS EventBus. Events over SockJS protocol. Based on EventEmitter2 (so we have events with namespaces and wildcards). Client served similary to socket.io - via nodejs server which is used for SockJS server. This is a prototype.