18 Packages by jacobbubu

  • ali-os An Aliyun open search API helper
  • base64-decode-stream Correctly decode a base64 streamed content into string
  • chinese-seg Implement Chinese text segmentation algorithm
  • copysync Copy file or directory in synchronous way
  • cssreset a handy CSS reset module used with browserify
  • debug-label A handy debug label component in web page
  • easy-div A handy div element used in web page
  • first-last-weekday Get the date of first/last weekday from a specified date
  • gofmt A golang `fmt.Printf` implementation
  • gulp-upyun gulp plugins for upyun service
  • lame-stream stream2 wrapper of LAME
  • printable-string Convert non-printable chars in string into their printable form
  • reconnect-ws Reconnect a websocket stream when it goes down.
  • server-promise A server framework based on promise
  • server-proto A protocol independent server framework
  • toggle-button A toggle button for simple web demos
  • touch-emulator A wrapper of https://github.com/hammerjs/touchemulator for using with browserify
  • zmq_reqres A CoffeeScript implementation of ZeroMQ request/response model