16 Packages starred by iostat42

  • archiver a streaming interface for archive generation
  • childish An opinionated LevelUP abstraction that stores and operate on keys in the form of parent/child
  • clamscan Use Node JS to scan files on your server with ClamAV's clamscan binary or clamdscan daemon. This is especially useful for scanning uploaded files provided by un-trusted sources.
  • co-jobs job manager with concurrency and prioritization
  • codash Co sionextension for lodash
  • inboxthunks co-based inbox, inbox thunkified
  • json-2-csv A JSON to CSV and CSV to JSON converter that natively supports sub-documents and auto-generates the CSV heading.
  • koa-error Error reponses (text, json, html) for koa
  • koa-knex knex.js middleware for Koa
  • koa-passport Passport middleware for Koa
  • level-jobs Job Queue in LevelDB
  • radius RADIUS packet encoding/decoding
  • radiusjs This project is an implementation of RADIUS protocol using node.js. You can run radius server and listen for auth and acc requests from multiple routers
  • simple-bower-registr... A very simple implementation of a bower 1.0 registry server that can be used to host a private registry.
  • sqldown A sqlite3 implementation of the LevelDOWN API
  • unpm-auth-ldap Use an ldap server to auth for your private npm