23 Packages by insin

  • buildumb Ultra-dumb exporter of Node.js modules for use in the browser
  • chainable-check Creates a validator with the same requiredness behaviour as React.PropTypes validators
  • Concur Sugar for JavaScript inheritance
  • DOMBuilder Builder library - generate HTML with an API which is also usable in the browser
  • get-form-data Gets form data via form.elements
  • gulp-flatten-require... Flattens relative require('./path/<module>') calls to require('./<module>')
  • gulp-msx Precompiles Mithril views which use MSX into JavaScript
  • hta-localstorage Basic localStorage implementation for Internet Explorer HTML Applications (HTA)
  • inputmask-core Standalone input mask implementation, independent of any GUI
  • isomorph Shared utilities for browsers and Node.js
  • mixinstance Mix things into an instance's prototype chain
  • msx JSX for Mithril
  • newforms An isomorphic form-handling library for React
  • newforms-bootstrap Bootstrap integration for newforms
  • newforms-gridforms Grid Forms integration for newforms
  • njive Node.js wrapper for the Jive API
  • react-auto-form A React component which simplifies getting user input from forms via nChange and onSubmit
  • react-filtered-multi... Filtered multi-select React component
  • react-maskedinput Masked <input/> React component
  • react-router-active-... Factory function for React components which are active for a particular react-router route
  • shilefare Dead simple local, temporary file sharing with Node.js
  • urlresolve Resolves paths against URL patterns
  • validators Validators for browsers and Node.js

3 Packages starred by insin

  • gulp The streaming build system
  • react React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • react-tools A set of complementary tools to React, including the JSX transformer.