4 Packages by inkspeck

  • fluidity A fluid semantic grid system and lightweight css framework for Stylus
  • generator-fluidity This generator will create a front-end development environment using Express, Coffeescript, and Stylus with Fluidity. It will create a base app and file structure. Using the 'grunt dev' task you'll have features like live-reload on both the client-side and server-side changes to view files and coffee-hinting throughout the entire app. Using the 'grunt build' task will concat/compress/minify/lint/hint client-side js/css and dynamically generate documentation using docco and a generated styleguide with styldocco.
  • generator-wp-fluidit... A WordPress theme YeoMan generator, to kickstart WordPress theme development with yo & grunt. Utilizing Stylus w/Fluidity, JadePHP, and Coffeescript.
  • scone 'Scone.js' makes developing node.js apps that use coffeescript and stylus easier by merging the coffee -w and stylus -w commands along side the server console. One terminal to rule them all.