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  • async-logging 0.1.6 is the same as 0.2.2 just to get around ebay-logging-client vs. async-logging-client change
  • bit-set Module: bit-set Main Class: BitSet Description: BitSet is a class allowing user to create structure like java.util.BitSet Highlight: The major difference of this BitSet is an efficient implementation of #nextSetBit and #prevSetBit;
  • cluster-cache cluster-cache ===============
  • cluster-emitter cluster-emitter ===============
  • cluster-monitor cluster-monitor ===============
  • cluster-status cluster-status ===============
  • cluster2 ![Travis status](
  • context-config context-config-node ===================
  • npm-compact npm-compact ===========
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  • This provides an HTTP interface to Unless you are programmatically calling, console is the only interface you care.
  • This is the core engine.
  • Caching interface implemented for memcached.
  • A utility for manipulating URIs. This is primarily used by monkey patch files.
  • A small string template processor for
  • A small URI template processor for