14 Packages by icetan

  • backbone-recursive-m... ## Is this for me?
  • blox Multiplayer Tetris type game
  • boiler Bundle Node.js libraries for the browser
  • coffee-script-browse... Unfancy JavaScript
  • coffeete Simple templating with coffee-script string interpolation.
  • dr-markdown Markdown editor based on CodeMirror and Showdown
  • imgbase Automatically embedded images as base64 strings in CSS-files.
  • kitsune Minimalistic lib to structure one-page browser apps.
  • minimg Browser client image scale down.
  • printlet Generate static images from tiles and draw suff on top.
  • proj4node Proj4js ported for Node.js without the asynchronous definition loading.
  • stupid-soap Generate simple SOAP envelope and send it, because I hate SOAP.
  • tinci TINy Continuous Integration script for use with GIT hooks
  • vixen Minimal string/DOM templating.