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  • chalk Terminal string styling done right. Much color.
  • co generator async control flow goodness
  • colors get colors in your node.js console
  • d-lorem Derby 0.6 lorem-ipsum component
  • d-material pack of derbyjs components for quickly creation material design sites
  • derby MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers.
  • derby-login Auth plugin for Derby
  • primus Primus is a simple abstraction around real-time frameworks. It allows you to easily switch between different frameworks without any code changes.
  • racer Realtime model synchronization engine for Node.js
  • saron Smart Web Monitor
  • saron-daemon Saron Daemon
  • shelljs Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js
  • vt terminal emulation library for javascript.