10 Packages by gulthor

  • graphson JavaScript GraphSON reader/writer
  • gremlin-client JavaScript client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server
  • gremlin-script Generate Gremlin scripts with ease
  • grex Client for Rexster Graph Server
  • mogwai Object-to-graph mapper for Node.js using Gremlin in Mongoose style (very alpha work)
  • mongoose-emailable Mongoose plugin for email with confirmation and express middleware
  • mongoose-findbyids Find documents in a MongoDB collection by an array of IDs
  • mongoose-notifiable Mongoose plugin making a model able to send custom notifications over different transports when custom events occur
  • mongoose-password Mongoose plugin adding a bcrypt password field to a model
  • mongoose-talkable Mongoose plugin and express routes adding simple opt-in messaging system between users