26 Packages by garbados

  • ajve-civ Guide an engineered people as they settle an alien world.
  • egg-chair Couchapp for sharing images
  • fullcontact.js Simple interface for FullContact's API, using node-request.
  • fwords List of function words for different languages.
  • generator-couchapp Scaffold out a front-end web app; based on generator-webapp
  • generator-remark A Yeoman generator for scaffolding Remark presentations
  • grouchdb Begrudgingly stores your data >:(
  • grunt-couchapp A grunt plugin for building and uploading couchapps
  • hextor God of Conflicts, resolving your Orchestrate conflicts so you don't have to.
  • lizbeth A CLI for using the robotic Rogerian therapist, Eliza
  • lsm Determine textual likeness with Language Style Matching
  • mastermind-game Play Mastermind in your terminal
  • node-flatpages Flask-FlatPages for Node.js
  • npm-orchestrate Sync the NPM registry's metadata with Orchestrate
  • orc-csv Upload CSVs to Orchestrate
  • orc-denorm Denormalize Orchestrate items in the background.
  • orc-twitter-music Turn Twitter streams into music~
  • orchestrate-couchdb Pipe CouchDB changes into
  • orchestrate-mongo Pipe MongoDB changes into
  • orcli A command-line utility for working with the Orchestrate API.
  • orcup Upload files to Orchestrate
  • progress-a-history Guide an engineered people as they settle another world.
  • quilter Maps file directory to a Cloudant database
  • spare Backup a Cloudant / CouchDB instance, using PouchDB.
  • summarizely Text summarization tool
  • when-then Simple helper for executing functions only after others have completed.

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  • quilter Maps file directory to a Cloudant database