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  • angular-ui-router State-based routing for AngularJS
  • browser-request Browser port of the Node.js 'request' package
  • event-emitter Environment agnostic event emitter
  • newrelic New Relic agent
  • pm2 Production process manager for Node.JS applications with a built-in load balancer.
  • prova Test runner based on Tape and Browserify
  • require-directory Recursively iterates over specified directory, require()'ing each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those modules.
  • sqlite3 Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings
  • swig A simple, powerful, and extendable templating engine for node.js and browsers, similar to Django, Jinja2, and Twig.
  • vash Razor syntax for JS templating