10 Packages by evocateur

  • combohandler Simple Yahoo!-style combo handler.
  • generator-yui-librar... Yeoman generator
  • grunt-init-yui Create a YUI module with grunt-init.
  • js-beautify jsbeautifier.org for node
  • less-cluster Parallel, directory-based execution of lessc.
  • mustache-wax Wrap precompiled Mustache templates (using Handlebars.js) in YUI modules.
  • recast-yui Slice and dice YUI modules, groups, and other bits with recast.
  • simple-memo Simple memoization of function executions.
  • token-filter A Transform stream that replaces delimited keys (tokens) with matching values, like the Ant Filter task.
  • zlocator Zillow script driver for yahoo/locator-based YUI builds.

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  • glob a little globber