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  • contentful-resolve-r... Suppose you have a Contentful query's response JSON. The links are nice, but what we really usually need is the response with a resolved object graph.
  • dictator Process management for development
  • doge much package
  • ds4 Stream events from DualShock 4 controllers
  • nein Wildcard DNS & HTTP server. http://foo.nein/bar -> ~/foo/bar
  • ng-time-relative Directive making date elements display time relatively
  • octobertest Convert between different test result formats
  • opensourcer Open source projects with the push of a big red button.
  • questor Promise based HTTP client inspired by clj-http
  • teriaki Watches & syncs a folder recursively into a riak bucket.
  • travis-notify-geckob... Notify Geckoboard widgets with Travis CI build results
  • zeparser My JavaScript parser

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  • lodash The modern build of lodash modular utilities.