9 Packages by ellell

  • country-count Given an array of string, return a list of countries and number of times country appears in array
  • country-extractor Extract countries from a String
  • github-rsvp Get all your open github issues and pull requests where you've been mentioned but haven't answered yet.
  • imsg Send iMessages with node and AppleScript
  • level-historical-jso... Keep a history of all the changes of a JSON document.
  • messages.app Do interesting things with your local Messages.app-database
  • name-extractor Give a String, extract out potential names
  • random-colors Generate an array of hex color codes
  • tomatotomato Pomodoro. But distributed. And awesome.

3 Packages starred by ellell

  • gulp The streaming build system
  • hapi HTTP Server framework
  • mucss μCSS (micro CSS) — vital CSS utils