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    Electron CFA

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    • Node module to edit resources of exe

      published 3.0.1 a year ago
    • Creating Electron app packages

      published 3.1.0 10 months ago
    • Electron supporting package to rebuild native node modules against the currently installed electron

      published 3.2.7 6 months ago
    • Module to generate Windows installers for Electron apps

      published 5.0.0 a year ago
    • Get the Node ABI for a given target and runtime, and vice versa.

      published 3.22.0 a month ago
    • Automatically generated TypeScript definitions files for the Electron API

      published 8.3.0 3 years ago
    • Convert markdown to GitHub-style HTML using a common set of remark plugins

      published 2.6.0 2 years ago
    • A drop-in module that adds autoUpdating capabilities to Electron apps

      published 2.0.1 2 years ago
    • Add keyboard navigation to your existing client-side search interface

      published 2.0.0 3 years ago
    • Notarize your Electron app

      published 1.2.1 3 months ago
    • Parse Electron documentation into a machine readable JSON file

      published 0.12.4 3 months ago
    • Automatically generated TypeScript definitions files for the Electron API

      published 8.9.6 10 months ago
    • Utility for downloading artifacts from different versions of Electron

      published 1.14.1 3 months ago
    • Symbolicate textual Electron macOS crashes

      published 2.0.1 9 months ago
    • `@electron/remote` is an [Electron]( module that bridges JavaScript objects from the main process to the renderer process. This lets you access main-process-only objects as if they were available in the renderer process.

      published 2.0.8 3 months ago
    • Utility for creating Universal macOS applications from two x64 and arm64 Electron applications

      published 1.3.0 a month ago
    • ESLint config used by Electron and Electron maintained modules

      published 1.0.1 8 months ago
    • Gets an auth token for a repo via a GitHub app installation

      published 1.3.0 a month ago