18 Packages by edwardhotchkiss

  • always CLI Tool to run a NodeJS Process, Restarting on File Changes & Crashes
  • external-address NodeJS Module to Lookup your External (IP) Address
  • github3 Node.js GitHub API (v3) Wrapper
  • grunt-develop Run a Node.js application for development, with support for auto-reload.
  • grunt-single base64 inline images/fonts/icons, reduce, compress = a single page, a single http request. but seriously.
  • IO Rapid Testing of available/unavailable .IO TLDs w/ WordLists
  • klout NodeJS Klout API Wrapper
  • memory Node.js module to grab your current memory usage in various formats
  • mongo-view {mongo.view} a lightweight node.js tool for managing mongodb databases
  • mongoose-paginate Mongoose ORM (Node.js/MongoDB) Document Query Pagination
  • mongoose-visual Generate a styled HTML document representing your loaded Mongoose.js Models
  • node-twitter-cleaner NodeJS powered Twitter (Tweet) Cleaner. Removes most recent 200 tweets.
  • short Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js
  • since NodeJS Util function for ascertaining Deltas (Time Since X getTime())!
  • subdomain Node.js Express Subdomain Middleware.
  • tld-io Rapid Testing of available/unavailable .IO TLDs w/ WordLists
  • twittr NodeJS Twitter API Wrapper
  • version NodeJS package.json version number fetcher