11 Packages by dtex

  • imp-io Electric Imp IO Plugin for Johnny-Five
  • nodebotui A client/server framework for rapid prototyping of browser controlled robotic systems.
  • schiffer-ipsum Funky dope technobabble
  • spas spas is a pragmatic tool for bundling multiple API requests into a single request/response for the end user. spas throttles, caches, parses, filters, concatenates and minifies API responses. It serves them all up in one tidy little package resulting in fe
  • spas-flickr Flickr API helpers for SPAS
  • spas-ftp Default FTP wrapper for spas
  • spas-http Default HTTP wrapper for spas
  • spas-rackspace Rackspace API desciption for SPAS
  • spas-smugmug SmugMug API helpers for SPAS
  • spas-xml Default XML wrapper for spas
  • spas-youtube YouTube API helpers for SPAS

6 Packages starred by dtex

  • ease-component Easing functions (for canvas etc)
  • firmata A library to control an arduino running firmata
  • johnny-five The JavaScript Hardware Programming Framework. Use with: Arduino (all models), Electric Imp, Beagle Bone, Intel Galileo & Edison, Linino One, Pinoccio, Raspberry Pi, Spark Core, TI Launchpad and more!
  • serialport Welcome your robotic javascript overlords. Better yet, program them!
  • temporal Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing and scheduling.
  • vektor A linear algebra module, including vectors, matrices, transformations, etc