9 Packages by drdrej

  • artefactjs Generates text-files based on template and model
  • artefactjs-java-enum... EXÜERIMENTAL: artefactjs extension to create EnumObjectPattern artefacts
  • artefactjs-loader load config for artefatjs.
  • fabrique-log a simple logger-implementation to handle logging in fabrique.
  • fabrique-render render txt-files from templates
  • hashcode hashcode implementation by Stuart Bannerman (https://github.com/stuartbannerman/hashcode) packaged as npm-module.
  • json-tools library to work with json
  • placeholderjs creates image-placeholders for layouts.
  • webapi-skeleton stack based on nodejs, restify & mongoose to create restbased webapis.

3 Packages starred by drdrej

  • callsite access to v8's CallSites
  • event-stream construct pipes of streams of events
  • wrench Recursive filesystem (and other) operations that Node *should* have.