Mitya Kamaev

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    • Generate ids for html code

      published 1.0.3 4 years ago
    • Select an option from the list, particularly a/b test. Use only Math.random is wrong because the function is nondeterministic

      published 1.0.1 4 years ago
    • Module for convenient html and css templating. No additional dependencies, pure javascript.

      published 0.0.2 3 years ago
    • Set of methods allowing simplify work with promises in cycle such as: forEach, map, find, filter, reduce, while, transform. Besides there are methods for comfortable work with promises or asynchronous operations - all, retry, timeout.

      published 3.0.1 5 months ago
    • A module for serializing an html form into a JSON object. There is support for file conversion (as base64)

      published 0.0.10 6 months ago
    • This library for convenient templating html and other text content in runtime without special bundlers (as Webpack and etc) or special template engine (as Pug, Handlebars and etc), only javascript

      published 1.0.2 10 months ago
    • A minimalistic framework for creating reusable and encapsulated view components on server side.

      published 1.0.18 2 months ago
    • Library for generation short and unique identifiers: class name or id

      published 1.0.0 3 months ago
    • [![Actions Status](]( ![Coverage](

      published 1.3.3 2 months ago
    • Library for CQRS

      published 2.0.0 16 days ago