16 Packages by dawnerd

  • basic-auth-old http basic auth
  • doxumentor A documentation page builder for Dox.
  • emre Object selection like a boss
  • good-hipchat Hipchat notifications
  • Gord An object conversion thingy.
  • grunt-multishot grunt plugin to create screenshots for multiple urls
  • grunt-set-rapptor grunt-set for a rapptor based website
  • hapi-dashboard Hapi plugin for displaying metrics on a dashboard
  • hapi-metrics hapi metrics
  • hapi-upload-s3 Upload files and images directly to s3
  • multishot Creates screenshots for pages
  • rapptor Opinionated web framework built on top of hapi
  • rdio [![NPM version](https://badge.fury.io/js/rdio.png)](http://badge.fury.io/js/rdio) [![Dependency Status](https://david-dm.org/dawnerd/node-rdio.png)](https://david-dm.org/dawnerd/node-rdio.png)
  • responsive-resize Management class for javascript based media queries.
  • spritzer A simple image spriter
  • travelogue-resurrect... hapi passport.js integration helper - brought back from the grave