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    Aaron Hedges


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    • Magical SDK generation from an OpenAPI definition 🪄

      published 5.0.7 5 days ago
    • A node.js view built to organize asynchronous sub views on top of any rendering engine

      published 1.3.0 9 years ago
    • A Node.js model system for mysql and redis

      published 0.7.1 9 years ago
    • Track your API metrics within ReadMe.

      published 6.0.4 a month ago
    • An isomophic http framework

      published 7.4.1 a year ago
    • A tool to turn complex API data into optimized JSON responses. Can significantly improve performance.

      published 1.3.0 6 years ago
    • A client library for interacting with Roads in node, or the browser

      published 1.0.2 7 years ago
    • A node.js library for the new Vimeo api

      published 1.1.5 8 years ago
    • A simple library to turn javascript generators into promise-returning functions

      published 1.1.1 7 years ago
    • A tool to manage many instances of roads.js

      published 0.5.0 7 years ago
    • A simple API library for the Pocket API (

      published 0.1.0 7 years ago
    • Run CodeMirror on the server

      published 1.0.1 a year ago
    • Generate an OpenAPI/Swagger definition from inline comments.

      published 6.1.1 2 months ago
    • Library to extract inline comments out of your services

      published 2.2.0 5 years ago
    • Comprehensive tooling for working with OpenAPI definitions

      published 20.4.0 16 days ago
    • Make a fetch request from a HAR definition

      published 8.1.5 5 days ago
    • ReadMe's official CLI and GitHub Action.

      published 8.4.0 a month ago
    • A list of extensions that ReadMe has added to extend the OpenAPI Specification

      published 17.0.1 2 months ago
    • ReadMe's React-based syntax highlighter

      published 12.0.2 4 months ago
    • UI components for the API explorer

      published 13.4.18 2 years ago
    • A simple web server for the roads framework

      published 1.1.1 a year ago
    • Changelog generator in use at ReadMe

      published 1.0.0 5 years ago
    • Roads-API is a low effort framework for creating strict REST APIs with JSON Schema.

      published 2.0.4 a year ago
    • Tooling for converting, valiating, and parsing OpenAPI, Swagger, and Postman API definitions

      published 8.3.1 23 days ago
    • React component for ReadMe user data variables

      published 15.1.2 5 months ago
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