9 Packages by dariusk

  • corpora-project A tool to grab the latest Corpora Project data locally and access it.
  • gaunt-render The most aesthetically minimalist markup language ever.
  • gender-probability Providing gender probabilities for US/UK names using Open Gender Tracker's "Global Name Data" resource.
  • gutencorpus This module contains the top 100-ish ebooks on Project Gutenberg, and lets you search them for all sentences containing a particular substring.
  • painterly-textures A set of Painterly textures to be used for games.
  • pos fasttag part of speech tagger implementation
  • spewer A reverse part-of-speech tagger. Give it a list of tags and it spews out matching language.
  • wordfilter A small module meant for use in text generators that lets you filter strings for bad words.
  • wordnik-bb An interface to the Wordnik API, which lets you get dictionary definitions, random words, pronunciation, and more! Built with Backbone.js, and uses promises.