9 Packages by danscan

  • assert-responder Simple assert with a custom handler callback.
  • hls-kit Simple adaptive-bitrate HTTP Live Streaming: mp4 to mpegts transcoding & m3u8 playlist serialization (with support for stream discontinuities, sliding-window live, and replay playlists).
  • mongoose-timestamp-e... Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt and updatedAt auto-assigned date properties
  • object-adapter object-adapter ==============
  • object-migrator Function factory for running async iterators on object property values.
  • object-patch Deep object extend / merge with a mongo-like $inc operator.
  • require-children Require directory children as an object.
  • stacks Simple, reliable request/reply-based distributed computing over TCP.
  • stdloggly Send any program's stdout and stderr to Loggly.