Rishabh Yadav

Packages 9

  • A youtube wrapper for https://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/

    published 1.1.0 3 years ago
  • A simple and powerful Discord.js music bot!

    published 1.0.2 3 years ago
  • A very easy to use package which gives you random things.

    published 3.4.4 2 years ago
  • Package that will let you do canvas stuff very easily 😄

    published 2.0.3 2 years ago
  • This package will let you create economy commands in the blink of an eye.

    published 0.0.2 3 years ago
  • very easy to use package to scrap anime from websites

    published 3.5.0 2 years ago
  • GitCord allows you to send the github feeds at your discord server without having any issue.

    published 1.0.3 2 years ago
  • easiest medium to use buttons with any discord API wrapper

    published 2.2.0 2 years ago
  • Allows you to use discord.js syntax in autocode.

    published 1.1.0 2 years ago