18 Packages by cranic

  • alarmjs An alarm clock for Node.js and command line.
  • boleto Gerador de boletos para o sitema Node.js
  • communicator RPC communication protocol for Node.js
  • droid Multiple deployment system for Node.js
  • express-mvc Simple MVC for Express applications.
  • file-parter Generate a hash table from a file by spliting it.
  • flatdb Flat database for non-intensive use. JSON files based database.
  • fmg API to interact with
  • imdb IMDB scraping API.
  • packev Run an event when a NPM package have been updated/created.
  • pagseguro Fornece integração à API de pagamentos do PagSeguro
  • portastic Programmatically find open ports with Node.js
  • requi Require multiple files over multiple directories.
  • schemator Object validation and sanitization.
  • tar.gz Native gzip compression and decompression utility for Node.js.
  • teste-meetup teste para o meetup
  • virus A dummy package containing the EICAR test string to test antivirus detections.
  • xconf Merge configuration files and return all configurations.