17 Packages by constellation

  • boundary Provides boundary functions, (upper-bound and lower-bound).
  • doctrine JSDoc parser
  • escodegen ECMAScript code generator
  • escope ECMAScript scope analyzer
  • esdispatch trigger events based on esquery selectors during a traversal of a SpiderMonkey format AST
  • esfuzz JS fuzzer for generative testing of parsers that implement the SpiderMonkey Reflect.parse API
  • esmangle ECMAScript code mangler / minifier
  • esmangle-pass-remove... ECMAScript code mangler / minifier
  • esrecurse ECMAScript scope analyzer
  • esshorten Shorten (mangle) names in JavaScript code
  • estraverse ECMAScript JS AST traversal functions
  • esutils utility box for ECMAScript language tools
  • esvalid confirm that a SpiderMonkey format AST represents an ECMAScript program
  • gulp-esmangle gulp plugin for esmangle minifying task
  • ibrik CoffeeScript coverage tool
  • shift-traverse traversal functionality for the Shift AST format
  • structured-source Provides StructuredSource and functionality for converting range and loc vice versa.