17 Packages by codeactual

  • apidox Generate node.js module API markdown with dox
  • audit-fs Audit file/directory properties and content
  • audit-shelljs Audit directory properties/content with ShellJS
  • conjure Parallel CasperJS runner, BDD flow, module-based tests, API helpers
  • enumerable-prop Make a class enumerable with a common-case iterator
  • gitemplate Git cloning with template variables
  • gitemplate-dox Generate node module API markdown with dox
  • grunt-audit-fs Verify build file/directory properties and content with audit-fs
  • grunt-horde Packageable, composable grunt configuration modules
  • impulse-bin node.js bin/ script module loader
  • long-con Create a console logger w/ formatting, timestamp, color, namespace
  • lru-list Storage-agnostic LRU list with async/multi-key operations
  • outer-shelljs ShellJS wrapper (findByRegex, events, etc.)
  • prankcall Call a node.js generator with backoff and other customization
  • sinon-doublist Sinon.JS test double mixins
  • sinon-doublist-fs node.js fs mixins for sinon-doublist
  • weir Library for creating BDD-style test flows for JavaScript