11 Packages by chrissjohnson4

  • labjack-nodejs nodejs library for using the LabJackM library
  • ljswitchboard-data_p... A library that contains a variety of formatters for data coming and going to LabJack devices.
  • ljswitchboard-device... A node project dedicated to finding ALL labjack devices that are able to be connected to.
  • ljswitchboard-ljm_de... A promise based ljm wrapper with expanded device functionality for the ljswitchboard project
  • ljswitchboard-ljm_dr... A utility to verify what parts of the LabJack LJM library are installed properly on any given machine
  • ljswitchboard-ljm_dr... Library dedicated only to storing important LJM constants
  • ljswitchboard-modbus... Library that allows easy parsing of the LabJack modbus map
  • ljswitchboard-packag... A small node/node-webkit project loader for ljswitchboard that loads files into the global.ljswitchboard namespace
  • ljswitchboard-requir... A special "require" extension developed for the [ljswitchboard]( project aka ([Kipling]( This project has a unique requirement where a single node-js process was split am
  • ljswitchboard-window... A library that assists the ljswitchboard in managing multiple windows and exiting when they are all closed.
  • process_manager LabJack-process_manager, just process_manager on npm. =======================