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    • An AWS CDK construct which exposes an endpoint with the contents of a DynamoDB table

      published 0.2.20 7 hours ago
    • AWS Lambda function which executes a search query against Twitter and enqueus tweets into an SQS queue

      published 0.1.3 3 years ago
    • Defines an SQS queue with tweet stream from a search

      published 1.0.137 15 hours ago
    • A fabulous library for defining continuous pipelines for building, testing and releasing code libraries.

      published 13.4.1 a day ago
    • Watching your CDK apps since 2019

      published 0.5.316 4 hours ago
    • A programming model for composable configuration

      published 3.3.161 2 months ago
    • Release jsii modules to multiple package managers

      published 0.2.196 15 hours ago
    • Stupid scaffoling: create a copy of a directory with variable substitution

      published 1.2.142 15 hours ago
    • generates api docs for jsii modules

      published 4.2.3 3 hours ago
    • CDK for software projects

      published 0.36.4 5 hours ago
    • generate source code in multiple languages from typescript

      published 0.1.415 7 hours ago
    • Generates jsii structs from JSON schemas

      published 0.2.70 4 hours ago
    • > Markdown macros - embed program outputs in markdown

      published 0.1.107 7 hours ago
    • Build & Push local docker images inside CDK8s applications

      published 0.1.239 15 hours ago
    • CFunctions (cloud functions, compute functions, construct functions) are a building block of the [constructs programming model] which can be used to package JavaScript code and run it on a cloud system.

      published 0.1.156 7 hours ago
    • > Prints the list of resource types and logical IDs from a CloudFormation > template.

      published 1.0.95 15 hours ago
    • The `@aws-cdk/aws-eks` and `@aws-cdk/aws-s3-deployment` modules are broken in v1.81.0 of the AWS CDK due to a missing file in the npm bundle.

      published 1.1.1 a year ago
    • Execute AWS Lambda handlers during deployments of AWS CDK stacks

      published 0.0.184 15 hours ago
    • This project maintains the React web app for the [Construct Hub].

      published 0.1.429 7 days ago
    • A construct library that models Construct Hub instances.

      published 0.3.144 7 days ago
    • GitHub Workflows support for CDK Pipelines

      published 0.0.39 2 months ago
    • Toolkit to import CFN resource types and generate L1 constructs

      published 0.2.26 7 hours ago
    • This repository contains a package intended to be used a probe to test construct hub instances. It automatically publishes a new version every 2 hours, allowing for construct hub canaries to verify its availability on construct hub instances.

      published 0.0.363 2 minutes ago
    • Schema for Module Fragment of type logzio::autoDeploymentLogzio::CloudWatch::MODULE

      published 2.0.0-alpha.4 21 days ago
    • Schema for Module Fragment of type REGISTRY::TEST::RESOURCE::MODULE

      published 1.5.0-alpha.4 21 days ago
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