15 Packages by brettz9

  • asm.js-lint asm.js lint plug-in for CodeMirror
  • atyourcommand Open web content into the command line
  • destructure Simple workaround for non-universal array destructuring assignment
  • dj-json Descend-through JavaScript or JSON objects in a declarative manner (and compatible with the Clarinet API)
  • handle-node Simple callback delegator based on DOM Node type
  • htteepee Allows for adding middleware layers to Node.js servers
  • jamilih Provide round-trippable JSON/JavaScript serialization as with JsonML, but with all items at a given array level being the same type of item (unless marked with a deeper level of nesting) and with a slightly more template-friendly capacity to inline insert
  • jhtml The JHTML format is a strict subset of HTML used to encode arbitrary JSON within HTML. This library seeks to provide conversions while simultaneously validating the indicated JHTML structure(s).
  • js2peg Converts a custom JavaScript syntax format into the PegJS file format
  • local-xmlhttprequest XMLHttpRequest for Node
  • mediawiki-js Ultra-light, vanilla JavaScript wrapper of Mediawiki API for use in the browser
  • polly-phil Provides AMD plugin (tested with RequireJS) to conditionally require polyfills; also provides browserify transforming plugin
  • regextras Array extras for regular expressions
  • simple-get-json getJSON function similar to that of jQuery's for Node or the browser
  • webappfind Enables an experimental protocol system for allowing the user to supply local files for viewing and editing by web applications