Elliot Blackburn

  • Network daemon for the collection and aggregation of realtime application metrics

    published 0.9.0 4 years ago
  • Provides offline, fast, robust VAT Code validator. Only checks form, not function.

    published 1.1.0 6 years ago
  • Markdown to PDF command line converter

    published 3.0.2 4 months ago
  • Generates a secure random hex based secret for your app

    published 1.0.2 6 years ago
  • Gulp plugin which bundles swagger API docs

    published 1.0.1 7 years ago
  • Middleware to parse comma separated query params into string arrays.

    published 1.0.2 7 years ago
  • Check if a package has typescript typings from the command line

    published 1.0.0 6 years ago
  • A storage plugable api for persisting data to a data store

    published 1.0.6 6 years ago
  • Slack transport for winston based on slack-winston

    published 1.0.2 6 years ago
  • A passport strategy for authenticating arbitrary user tokens, intended for user API token access

    published 1.0.0 6 years ago