12 Packages by binarymuse

  • battlenet Node.js client for the Blizzard Community Platform API
  • fluxbox Flux architecture tools for React
  • fluxxor Flux architecture tools for React
  • kinetophone Stitch together and play back time-sequenced events with durations
  • live-twitter-map Show tweets from the Twitter streaming API live on a map
  • ng-infinite-scroll Infinite scrolling for AngularJS
  • planetary.js Awesome interactive globes for the web
  • react-kinetophone React-based player for the Kinetophone library
  • timex Small timer module using requestAnimationFrame and when available
  • toml TOML parser for Node.js (parses TOML spec v0.4.0)
  • toml-require require() .toml files with Node.js
  • trie-hard Native JavaScript trie implementation

1 Package starred by binarymuse

  • object-merge Merges JavaScript objects recursively without altering the objects merged.