10 Packages by beatak

  • ArgKit command line arguments extension (not yet working)
  • each-html-char an iterator utility for processing a string as HTML character
  • es-promise-http http with promise interface
  • gulp-include-more gulp plugin to concatenate js files with Sprockets compatible directives
  • npm-clean-publish When you run `npm publish`, it includes all files under the directory even if they are not checked in to the repository. `npm-clean-publish` will help you to prevent that situation.
  • placeholder-generato... Generates text by length using lorem-ipsum
  • preprocess-argv A utility for Command Line applications that processes command line arguments as path.
  • print_r print recursively, PHP's favorite function, for node.js
  • TypeCast more intuitive type cast functions for JavaScript
  • UniqueList UniqueList creates an array that guarantess the uniqueness of each element

6 Packages starred by beatak

  • graphviz Node.js interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
  • ito String formatter for the purpose of printing pretty logs.
  • jest-cli Painless JavaScript Unit Testing.
  • minimist parse argument options
  • nopt Option parsing for Node, supporting types, shorthands, etc. Used by npm.
  • strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!