16 Packages by azylman

  • async-forkqueue a queue that runs workers asynchronously in child processes
  • clever Node.js library for interacting with the Clever API
  • coffee-jshint Checks CoffeeScript source for errors using JSHint
  • gearman_stream Allows streaming data from a Gearman job
  • gearman-coffee gearman bindings dun' right
  • gearman-node gearman bindings dun' right
  • gearman-stream Allows streaming data from a Gearman job
  • mongoose-any-index Extra index functionality for mongoose
  • mongoose-repl A Mongo REPL with the full power of Mongoose
  • quest simple request library for node
  • redis-reservation Resource reservation (locking) libraries using a Redis backend, with customizable timeouts and keep-alive support.
  • sentry-node simple Node wrapper around Sentry API
  • underscore.deep Underscore mixins for deeply nested objects
  • understream stream helpers
  • unix-join Join streams of JSON objects using the unix join command. This allows joining of very large data sets in a stream interface that Node normally can't handle due to memory constraints.
  • unix-sort unix-sort